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Outdoor adventures
across the North of England & North Wales

Welcome to Mountain Lynx Adventures!

We're thrilled to introduce you to Mountain Lynx Adventures, your ultimate destination for thrilling outdoor experiences and indoor climbing challenges.


Join us on unforgettable guided mountain days, nationally recognised navigational courses, rock climbing and more; where we will explore breathtaking landscapes and conquer challenging trails together. Get ready for heart-pounding adventures, to push your limits, learn new skills and to leave you feeling empowered. Mountain Lynx Adventures is your hub for a wide range of awesome adventure challenges and events from scenic hikes to adrenaline fuelled challenges; there’s something for everyone. 

We offer outside adventures in Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Snowdonia, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and the Peak District. What are you waiting for? Book now.

What We Offer


People using an indoor climbing wall

Indoor And Outdoor Rock Climbing

Learn to climb on a state-of-the-art indoor climbing wall or explore the great outdoors with our climbing excursions. A perfect combination of fitness and fun, rock climbing is suitable for climbers of all skill levels.

Night Hike

Navigation Courses

Master the art of orienteering with our comprehensive navigation courses, designed to enhance your map reading, compass skills, and route planning abilities in diverse outdoor environments.

Walking in a valley

Guided Mountain Days

Embark on unforgettable adventures led by experienced guides as you conquer peaks and traverse ridges whilst immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia and more.

Why Choose Mountain Lynx Adventures

Extensive Knowledge

Our expert guides possess in-depth knowledge of mountaineering and abseiling techniques, safety protocols, and local terrain. Benefit from personalised instruction tailored to your skill level, ensuring a rewarding and educational experience.

First Class Service

We want your adventure to be one to remember and you, as our customer, are at the centre of what we do. Allow us to help you achieve your goals whilst having fun in picturesque surroundings. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are always happy to help. 

Years of Experience

With a rich history spanning years in the adventure industry, Mountain Lynx Adventures has cultivated a sterling reputation for professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Rely on our seasoned instructors and staff to deliver an unparalleled service and support throughout your journey.

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The North of England & North Wales

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